Friday, December 10, 2010

Using the Library Computers by DO & DDT

We put the instructions on the paper for going to Go Grolier. On the carpet then we finished our instructions for the website.

Then we went to the website on the computers. We saw the states in the United States of America. We clicked on one state and we saw lots of pictures about that state. Then we could go back and click on a different state.

Ponemos las instrucciones en el papel para ir a Go Grolier. En la alfombra después de terminar nuestras instrucciones de la página web.

Luego fuimos a la página web en los equipos. Vimos a los estados en los Estados Unidos de América. Hemos hecho clic en un estado y hemos visto muchas fotos de ese estado. Entonces podríamos volver atrás y hacer clic en un estado diferente.


  1. Thank you for sharing the link to Go Grolier.

    I was wondering which state you liked best. What did you learn about it?

  2. Tara,
    EH liked the state of Virginia. She learned that there is a beach in Virginia.
    NA liked Washington, D.C. It was named after George Washington.
    PBB liked New York. It has the Statue of Liberty.
    PA liked Illinois. It has a city called Chicago.
    Thanks for visiting!