Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Our Motion Movie

We did it! We made a movie about motion. We found examples of straight motion, back and forth motion, and circular motion. We sorted all the examples we found and put them into our movie. Then we created our titles and recorded them. We are so proud! You can even watch our video on YouTube.

¡Lo hicimos! Hemos hecho una película sobre el movimiento. Encontramos ejemplos de movimiento recto, un movimiento de vaivén, y el movimiento circular. Hemos ordenado todos los ejemplos que se encuentran y ponerlos en nuestra película. Entonces creamos nuestros títulos y las grabó. Estamos muy orgullosos! Usted puede incluso ver nuestro video en YouTube.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Snow Globe Fun

For several weeks we studied Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington Carver. We read books about them and wrote down what we were learning on a big data retrieval chart (the yellow chart here). At the end, each child chose one of the men in order to create a snow globe about them.

From these globes you can see how much we all learned about these men.

Abraham Lincoln here was the 16th president of the United States, is on money, and wore a large hat.

George Washington Carver was a scientist who worked with peanuts and cotton. He used a mortar and pestle.

George Washington was a farmer and our first president. He is also on money.

Benjamin Franklin is on money, invented bifocals (special glasses), and used a kite to discover that lightening is electricity.

Durante varias semanas hemos estudiado Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln y George Washington Carver. Leemos libros sobre ellos y escribió lo que estaban aprendiendo en una tabla de recuperación de datos grandes (el cuadro amarillo aquí). Al final, cada niño eligió uno de los hombres con el fin de crear un globo de nieve sobre ellas.

A partir de estos globos se pueden ver cuánto hemos aprendido acerca de estos hombres.

Abraham Lincoln fue aquí el presidente 16 de Estados Unidos, es en el dinero, y llevaba un gran sombrero.

George Washington Carver era un científico que trabajó con el maní y el algodón. Él usó un mortero.

George Washington fue un agricultor y nuestro primer presidente. También es en el dinero.

Benjamin Franklin es el dinero, inventado bifocales (anteojos especiales), y se utiliza una cometa para descubrir que un rayo es electricidad.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Oranges by DO & PBB

Last week we got oranges to eat. They looked purple on the inside. They were actually orange on the outside. They were so yummy and tasted like oranges. These oranges were a little bit sweeter than regular oranges. We liked them so much because they were delicious. They were different oranges than the regular oranges but they were still tasty.

La semana pasada llegamos a comer naranjas. Se veían púrpura en el interior. Ellos eran en realidad de color naranja en el exterior. Eran tan delicioso y sabor a naranja. Estas naranjas son un poco más dulce que la naranja regular. Les gustó tanto porque eran deliciosas. Eran naranjas diferente a las naranjas regular, pero todavía eran sabrosas.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our Readers' Theaters

Last week, after a couple of weeks of practice, we presented our Reader's Theaters. These are like plays but no one has to memorize anything. The students read their parts and we worked hard on several things: volume (being loud enough), speed (not too fast or too slow), and expression. In addition, students had to really think about standing still, holding their paper below their face and still, and following along while others were reading.

This first one is from the book Click, Clack, Moo, a book we greatly enjoy.

This next one is The Gingerbread Boy.

Our final Readers' Theater is Goldilocks and the Three Bears.