Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Our Motion Movie

We did it! We made a movie about motion. We found examples of straight motion, back and forth motion, and circular motion. We sorted all the examples we found and put them into our movie. Then we created our titles and recorded them. We are so proud! You can even watch our video on YouTube.

¡Lo hicimos! Hemos hecho una película sobre el movimiento. Encontramos ejemplos de movimiento recto, un movimiento de vaivén, y el movimiento circular. Hemos ordenado todos los ejemplos que se encuentran y ponerlos en nuestra película. Entonces creamos nuestros títulos y las grabó. Estamos muy orgullosos! Usted puede incluso ver nuestro video en YouTube.


  1. What a great collection of examples of motion! Your sorting and labeling was very helpful---not everyone knows that direction is an important part of studying this topic.

    What did you notice about the amount of energy it takes to make an object move in different ways? Is there a difference between moving something in a one direction, back-and-forth, and in a circle?

  2. You taught me so much today! I can't watch stuff move now without thinking about whether it's going straight, back and forth or in a circle! I think you and Professor Lewin's students at MIT both have great physics teachers!
    Mrs. O'Brien

  3. The Science Goddess: We think it was easiest to move things in a straight motion. Circular motion was the hardest because it could make us dizzy. Back and forth motion was also pretty easy.

    Blink: Thank you for leaving the comment for us. Thank you for sharing the video with the back and forth motion examples.

    Thank you both for watching our motion video!