Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our trip to Hidden Oaks was several weeks ago, but I had some technical difficulties getting the videos from the cameras to my computer. Now that the problem is solved you can see more about our great trip. We began in the classroom where we learned about a lot of different animals. In the above video we saw a butterfly.

We learned a song at the end of our time in the classroom. It is about frogs, toads, and salamanders.

After the classroom time we took a nature walk. During the walk I turned the camera job over to the students. At the start we were shown a Native American structure that had collapsed in the snows this winter. The students noticed a caterpillar on the structure and were fascinated.

Then we moved on and talked about ladybugs. After learning a bit about ladybugs each child was given one to set free.

After the ladybugs we moved a couple of logs aside to see all the tiny critters living underneath.

(I thought I had some video from the seed planting part as well but I am currently unable to find it. If I solve this mystery I'll post what I can find.)

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